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Diversified Markets

We are hedged between 5 top-performing markets (Charlotte, Birmingham, Kansas City, and 2 vacation markets). When we partner to build a portfolio with you, you’ll be investing into a hedged & bulletproof structure to keep your investments safe.

Fully done-for-you

The founders of Wealthcap are busy running companies. They didn’t have time to go out into the markets, find undervalued houses, and rehab them to rent-ready status. The firm handles all the heavy lifting, and provides you a seamless process to grow your money using real estate.

White Glove Approach

Many “turnkey” companies say they are about “service” but their main outcome is the bottom line. Our firm buys & rehabs MAJORITY of our properties for our in-house clients. Our partner companies acquire hundreds of thousands of clients per year from the education space — simply put: every interaction you have with our team will be custom & red carpet, we are used to overdelivering!


Why Real Estate & How to Get Started

Are you at major risk right now? Industry Insider Who Worked for Top National Investment Companies Reveals His Pros and Cons Process for Establishing the Best Market to Get Into.

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About Us


Wealthcap™ started as a simple real estate portfolio for the founders, Chris and Taylor. In 2018, with several of their businesses in “growth mode,” they decided to begin moving cashflows out of business accounts into safe, productive, single-family residential real estate. In the summer of 2019, they built their first in-house, full-time team.

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