Wealthcap’s Story

How We Started

Wealthcap™ started as a simple real estate portfolio for the founders, Chris and Taylor. In 2018, with several of their businesses in “growth mode,” they decided to begin moving cashflows out of business accounts into safe, productive, single-family residential real estate.

In the summer of 2019, they built their first in-house, full-time team.


Today, Wealthcap and Wealthcap Funds (the capital fund side of the business) operates with two main headquarters in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC.

Wealthcap™ has made a name for itself quickly in the real estate industry due to the unique standards deployed from the top down. Each month, the company renovates between 30 and 50 new single family properties, diversified across our top markets. We take the difficult (and laborious) part of passive investing and do it for you; from selection & acquisition, to renovation & maintenance, right up to tenant placement.

If you would like more information on current inventory available or historical returns for our product — we’ve put together a resource guide for you. You can download that right here!

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We closed on #3 and went under contract on #4 this week, right on pace for our goal of 5 total properties this year. Once we add #5 we’ll be cash flowing about ~$2,300/month (not including pay down of the notes). I’ve always heard peoples biggest regret with real estate is they didn’t start sooner. A couple more years and we’ll be making more in passive income than we spend per month on expenses. Thanks again WCH team!


Today I closed on house #4 all from Wealth Cap. 100% honesty I don’t want any of ya’ll getting brave enough to buy houses from them cause then there’s more for me lol… BUT, I gotta say, I’ll never put my money anywhere else. The returns are phenomenal and the process is SIMPLE. If you’re on the fence about using this team, stay there I’ll take all the properties for myself!


It’s officially been 4 months since my first investment property purchase and things have been amazing. I honestly never thought I would purchase a rental property anywhere other than my home state, but oh how things have changed! During every step of the process, whether it be home inspection, appraisal, pre-approval, online document signing, home rehab, (etc) they were always willing to show me how things were done and educate me on the process.


Just closed on property #4 TODAY and wanted to give a huge shoutout to the Wealth Cap team. It is absolutely incredible to be able to take the profit I make in my business and invest it into high-quality long-term passive real estate investments! All 3 properties I invested in prior to this one have gotten tenants within less than 3 weeks. And property #4 I closed on today, ALREADY has a tenant locked! Overall my experience has been incredible. Thanks and excited for property #5 and many more.



Meet Our Founders

Chris Evans

Chris currently manages and advises a collective 7-figures in monthly paid traffic spend, managing nearly $100M in business ownership equity. People dubbed him (first as a joke, then as a legitimate alter ego) the “Don Draper” of modern day advertising. He enjoys consulting clients, writing memos, and most recently — fishing! He tries to get away every month or so to the mountains of North Carolina for a few days of catch and release trout fishing. 

He is married to his wife (the real boss) Michelle, and together they parent four (4!) amazing kids: Liberty, Jacob, Jayden and Juda.

Taylor Welch

Taylor’s first career job was at a turnkey real estate company in Memphis, TN. Since then, he has built a name for himself not only as a real estate professional but as a mentor to over 50,000 individual business owners in the last 5 years. Together with his business partner, Chris, they direct & manage 5 global brands that produce (collectively) nearly $60M per year in revenues. 

He’s one of the most electric and energetic communicators currently in the small business community. When not working, he enjoys daddy daughter dates with his daughter (Kate), date nights with his wife (Lindsey), and traveling to Europe!


Lance Welch


Taylor Streitmatter

Acquisitions Director


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