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Are you an investor looking for a profitable solution to real estate investing without the hassles of managing real estate yourself? We offer proven investing and private lending opportunities that are designed to help you earn steady income from real estate that is truly passive.

Working With Wealthcap

Wealthcap is here to partner with you to strengthen and grow your investment portfolio. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate, wanting to buy an investment property, or want to diversify your portfolio with new strategies (like commercial real estate and private lending), our company can help you achieve a more stable, predictable return on investment.

Backed by real estate, our investments and private lending programs give you the opportunity to securely earn returns from one of history’s most stable & strongest asset classes.

Private Lending

Private lending with Wealthcap allows you to earn interest at a much higher rate than what’s offered by banks and many alternative forms of investments on the market. That’s because this strategy gives you the ability to be your own bank. Banks are in the business of making money from lending. Naturally, they make a profit off the difference between what they pay you for your money and what they earn by lending it out. Private lending cuts out the banks altogether and allocates the portion of interest a bank would’ve earned on the loan straight to you – making you the bank. Instead of keeping cash in areas earning lower returns, private lending in real estate effectively allows you to earn more interest on your capital without the risks associated with other alternative forms of investments. This is because, just like the banks, you can secure the safety of your capital with mortgages, promissory notes, and insurance policies. Your money is backed by hard assets, and the returns you earn will go directly into your account.


Investing with Wealthcap gives you a chance to invest in property without having to worry about choosing the wrong tenants, dealing with renovations, or handling the heavy lifting of making the deals happen. We also limit the liability of all our partners for anything that could go wrong. Your only responsibility will be choosing the amount of capital you’d like to invest as a silent partner and collect returns every month. The programs we offer give you the opportunity to take advantage of Wealthcap’s collective decades of real estate experience and be a part of the upsides in our ventures without taking on all of the risks.

We focus on purchasing property assets directly from the owners and trusted boots on the ground to find high-equity, off-market deals.

The Process

Our in-house acquisitions team works relentlessly to carefully source solid investment properties directly from sellers and wholesalers, acquiring the best homes in the cities, counties, and states we have analyzed to safely yield the highest returns. By going directly to sellers, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of offers we compete against and lower our total costs. This provides the optimal equity upside for our investors and minimal risk of over-collateralization for our private lenders.

Once a property is acquired, it is sent through a rigorous rehabilitation process that forces appreciation quickly, increases overall rent value, and creates positive cashflow. As cashflow continually comes in and equity is built overtime, our private lenders get paid interest on their money, and our investors yield healthy returns on their investments. Our process combined with the security benefits of every investment being backed by a tangible real estate asset allows us and our partners to minimize risk and maximize returns. Wealthcap’s process is designed to help investors achieve the kind of long-term financial freedom that can only be achieved by securing passive, residual income through real estate.


Why Real Estate For Passive Income?
If you want to earn more than the stock market, private lending could be a good option because you could get a higher rate of return than the market and the banks without adding unwanted risk. Because your returns are fixed and backed by tangible real estate assets that are not over-leveraged, if the market crashes, your capital is secure. The volatility in real estate has historically been the least of any investment class.
What Makes Private Lending & Real Estate Investing Safe?
EVERY INVESTMENT CLASS HAS ITS OWN INHERENT RISK & REWARD - but real estate is unique and here’s why. It’s the slow way to build wealth, and that’s why we like it — nobody is going to hack it or steal it. You can touch it, see it, and drive by it. It’s like “gold” versus “dollars,” one is tangible and backed by something, the other is a group of Ivy League graduates sitting in a room deciding its value. Real estate is simple. Everyone can understand property — you buy it, fix it, and now someone is going to pay monthly to live in it; it's not complicated, just cash flow. Humans will always need a place to live. That will never change no matter what state the economy is in. Finally, it’s the only asset class that you cannot “make more of.” The land we have right now is what we have; you are protected by the good old fashioned laws of supply & demand. Private lending and investing with Wealthcap means your capital is backed by a tangible asset that is increasing in demand and limited in supply. This has historically made real estate a stable and predictable investment and a strong hedge against the volatility of other alternatives.
Can I use my IRA or 401K to lend money?
The definitive answer is, yes. You are able to take control of your IRA or 401K and make self-directed investments. There are no penalties for doing so because you are not taking a distribution but simply moving it to a real estate backed investment. If you'd like additional information about the process, please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide more information.
How Can I Start Investing With Wealthcap?
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