“Why invest in real estate with Wealthcap?” 

It’s the question you’re likely asking yourself if you’re reading this article.

If you know real estate, you know it takes a lot of work to strike a profit.

It’s precisely because of this work that makes the choice to invest in real estate so lucrative when done correctly.

Not everyone is doing it. 

And of those who are, not everyone has the same opportunity as you who are reading this article.

What I’m Not Going To Cover In This Article

What I’m
not going to cover in this article is:

“Why Should I Invest in Real Estate?”

Hopefully by now, you’re already convinced of the benefits of investing in real estate, and how it’s one of the most sure ways to build wealth over the long term.

What I am going to cover is: 

“Why Should I Invest with Wealthcap?

If you know anything about real estate, you know it takes
a lot of work to strike a profit.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in real estate, there are several steps you must take before you can start earning a dime of profit from your investment (requiring time, effort and money.) 

Let me break down these steps:

1. Researching & Identifying:

  • Researching & Identifying a profitable market to invest in
  • Researching & Identifying the right neighborhood to invest in

2. Sourcing:

  • Sourcing a good real estate agent
  • Sourcing the right house to buy

3. Placing an Offer (The Game)

  • Putting in an offer on a property
    • (Then losing the deal, because the seller did not accept your offer… but chose another buyer instead who brought more cash to the table)
  • Putting in another offer on a different property
    • This time you’re in a bidding war for a couple of days. You finally won only because you went in $15k over asking price and you waived the appraisal contingency
  • Getting the house inspected
  • Submitting a revised offer in light of the new-found damages revealed from the inspection

4. Closing:

  • Closing on the house
  • Getting the keys

5. Doing Renovations:

  • Doing renovations
  • Painting the walls, replacing fixtures, flooring, appliances, windows, plumbing, removing odors from the house, patching up leaks, and ultimately bringing the property up to code

6. Listing the Property for Rent


  • Taking photos of the newly renovated property
  • Writing up a lease agreement
  • Listing the property online
  • Interviewing and selecting tenants
  • …Dealing with ongoing tenant requests and fixes

(And the list goes on if you know what I mean.)

It’s only after you’ve gotten all the way HERE that you can begin to make money.

Finally… The Money Rolls In

Month 1 rolls in. 

Your first rent check hits your bank account.

Month 2. Again.

Then you start to build positive cash flow each month.

(For those just getting started in real estate investing, we recommend creating a separate checking account for each property you own, then filling each account with about 4 months worth of expenses (rent, maintenance costs, etc.) before skimming any of the profits off for you to enjoy or further invest with.)

This Is When Real Estate Investing Gets Really Good.

But as you can see, this comes after
a lot of work.

This is where Wealthcap comes in as your solution to profitable real estate investing.

Whether you’re just getting started, or already an established investor, let us handle nearly all of the steps listed above for you.

Our goal is to make real estate investing as convenient and profitable as possible for our investors.

Now I know what you might be thinking:

“If investing in these properties is so profitable, why would Wealthcap sell any of  them to investors?”

The answer to that question goes back to why the company started back in 2019.

Why Wealthcap Started

It began as a dream for Co-Founders Chris Evans and Taylor Welch to begin investing in real estate for themselves.

They were both established business owners in other industries.

And they each had separate backgrounds in real-estate.

To get started, they acquired a sizable number of single family homes to hold (after doing all their own sourcing, renovations and all the steps mentioned above.)

The only problem was: 

They weren’t able to move quickly enough on their own to meet their goals.

Their solution

They hired and trained a team of real estate professionals to handle the process of sourcing and producing profitable real estate investment deals for them.

Chris and Taylor had already done the research in studying & selecting the right markets to invest in.

They had also already determined the type of properties to invest in: single family homes.

Operating within a strict list of profitable investment constraint guidelines, the Wealthcap team has become the fastest growing premiere real estate investment firm in the world, earning the attention of hedge fund giant “BlackRock Funds” and others international investors.

(Note: Even with the speed, our available inventory is limited every month due to high demand.)

The natural byproduct of this growth is:
The team doesn’t work for free. They need to be paid.

This is why Wealthcap sells properties to investors like you.

A percentage of monthly inventory is sold to investors. Another percentage goes into Wealthcap.

Now, you may be wondering:

“How does Wealthcap choose which properties they keep and which ones to sell to investors?”

Every property Wealthcap sells OR holds meets our same list of profitable investment constraint guidelines.

To put it simply, if Wealthcap wouldn’t hold the property, we wouldn’t sell it to an investor either.

We do not purchase properties that fall below our minimum required projected ROI model.

Currently, the demand from our investors is at an all-time high, meaning we sell out of properties every month. 

Even with our rapidly scaling team, we are still operating to serve an active waiting list to our investor community. Call in to speak with our team to get on that list.

Build Your Investment Game Plan Now

Have more questions about real estate? Book a call with the team to discuss getting started with investing in real estate now. One of our trusted advisors will be happy to share more information with you and help determine what next steps are right for you!

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Invest in Real Estate with Wealthcap

Let us be your premiere investment partner for life.

We take the guesswork, time and stress out of investing in real estate.

Still Wondering How The Process Works?

Why Invest In Real Estate With Wealthcap?

When you buy a property from Wealthcap, you purchase a property that you will own outright.

You will then be personally introduced to our network of trusted property manager partners, real-estate professionals, insurance agents, handymen and more.

You will also be given exclusive access to tools and informational materials including our lease agreement template, wealth-building guides, investment reports and more.

Even if your investment property purchase is out of your state, you can rest easy knowing you will be connected to a team of professional property managers who will manage and care for your investments, ensuring their long-term protection and profitability.

An invitation to be welcomed into our private Wealthcap investment group will be sent to you as well, where you will have the opportunity to connect with other investors who partner with Wealthcap in building their portfolios.

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We Wish You Well In Your Investments

We wish you success in your real estate investment journey and hope you will choose Wealthcap
 when you are ready to take your first step.

To your success,

– Chris Evans and Taylor Welch

Build Your Investment Game Plan Now

Have more questions about real estate? Book a call with the team to discuss getting started with investing in real estate now. One of our trusted advisors will be happy to share more information with you and help determine what next steps are right for you!

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